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BLIND BOX: Jolly Jacks (Limit 1 per customer)

BLIND BOX: Jolly Jacks (Limit 1 per customer)

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Limit 1 per customer. ***Please do not combine with other items to avoid additional shipping costs but IF you do there will be an additional shipping charge because this needs to ship by itself.***

This is a vintage style candy box that holds fantasmical goodies mostly by Rhode Montijo. What's in the box? Only you can find out! That's part of the fun! Hint: IT IS NOT WHAT THE BOX TOP COVER IMAGE SAYS- this was just to make the box look like a vintage Halloween candy box BUT there are sporty Halloween-related things inside. LIMITED QUANTITIES. Measures 7 L x 4 W x 2 H inches. U.S. ONLY*.



Because each blind box will be shipped individually, only 1 box can be purchased at a time. 

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