School/Library Visits

Please contact the publisher, LITTLE BROWN AND COMPANY, for virtual options: 

Arrange a fantasmical visit by Rhode Montijo to visit your school or library with a colorful presentation on the process of creating children's books!

Large assemblies- a current example of a 2nd and 3rd grade presentation on the latest book:

Learn how the GUMAZING GUM GIRL! blew up from Montijo’s stretch of the  imagination and onto the printed page. Stick around to learn the process from loose sketches and first rough drafts, to producing a published book. Join an engaging presentation that bursts with antidotes of sparking an idea into a story. Then, pop out those pencils and get ready to learn the principles of character design by participating in a how-to-draw GUM GIRL lesson. Students can stretch out their arms with questions for a brief Q+A afterwards . The presentation wraps up with a grand finale of a bubble blowing contest that’s sure to blow up with laughter. Montijo hopes to promote reading and motivate writing and creativity that will stick around after the presentation. (Approximately 45 minutes)

Technical set-up for a MacBook Pro slideshow to accompany the presentation is recommended.

*Presentation and Q&A can be in Spanish, English, or both.