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8x10 Print: "Kid Krampus on Bell"

8x10 Print: "Kid Krampus on Bell"

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This is a Kid Krampus print for those on your naughty list! This is a print from an original water color painting by Rhode Montijo of Kid Krampus sitting on top of a bell against a cream colored background. Comes with a signature at the bottom. Measures 8 x 10 inches and comes sealed in a polybag. 

About Krampus: Originating in Germanic folklore as early as the 1600s, Krampus is believed to be a beastial creature who accompanies St. Nicholas on his earthly journey. While St. Nicholas rewards the good children with gifts and sweets, Krampus dispenses punishment to the wicked children who have strayed from the path of good. It is said he takes care of St. Nick's "naughty list." Why, the mere sight of Krampus alone is enough to turn any wrong-doer toward more peaceful pursuits.

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